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Why Get Addicted?

Quality staff deserve quality fruit!

A great way to show appreciation for staff is to supply them with top quality fruit. An informal survey of staff found that offices that supplied communal fruit boxes were seen as “more caring and appreciative of employees” – all this for as little as $24 per box! We offset carbon emissions by planting 5 new trees for each new corporate customer. Combine this with a list of testimonials as long as your arm and over 25 years involvement in the Melbourne fruit market, and you’ve got a winning combination for health, productivity and taste!

Is your workplace healthy?

Most corporate offices only have a choice between the processed stuff in a vending machine, or heavy muffins and cakes. These foods require an enormous amount of energy to digest, leaving staff feeling tired and lethargic. Fruit is low GI and bursting with goodness – and it means your staff will be energetic and productive the whole day long, rather than snoozing at their keyboard at 3 in the afternoon. Fruit is also bursting with vitamins and nutrients and will help your staff defeat those nasty colds – its the first step towards creating a low cost workplace wellness program.

You want local – you’ve got it!

FruitAddicts is 100% locally Melbourne owned and managed, and has been for 25 years! Fruit is sourced locally where possible, and packed fresh every morning for the day’s delivery run. The management at FruitAddicts are hands-on in the whole operation, from buying the fruit, packing the orders and delivering to you, as well as answering enquires and dealing with administration. We support local growers and markets and want our customers to sample the best local, seasonal produce that Victoria has to offer.

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