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Environmental Policy

At FruitAddicts we are committed to continuously improving our environmental credentials as we grow, promoting throughout the company a strong environmental ethic as part of its culture.

We are progressively implementing our environmental policy throughout our operation. An integral element in the successful achievement of this objective is building awareness, acceptance and support of the policy amongst all employees.

We will continually improve our environmental performance, prevent pollution and responsibly minimise and control our waste.

We will communicate openly and constructively with responsible environmental interests, government authorities and the community generally.

We will regularly review and upgrade our environmental management system and incorporate the environmental elements of FruitAddicts.

Carbon Offsets

Carbon Neutral is a not-for-profit organisation working with hundreds of organisations and thousands of individuals to measure, reduce, and offset their greenhouse gas emissions and implement revegetation projects.

Established in 2001 by Men of the Trees, Carbon Neutral is now in their tenth year and has been recognised as a market leader with a reputation as a trusted and experienced environmental partner. provides tools for business and households to measure, reduce, offset and manage greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to tree planting.

We will commit to offset emissions caused by vehicle use and power consumption with accredited offsets to demonstrate our commitment to the environment. By supporting Carbon Neutral we can demonstrate environmental leadership in our market and stand out from the competition.

We will pledge the planting of 5 new trees for every new corporate client who becomes a regular customer.
By doing this we will engage our customers – giving them the satisfaction of supporting the environment when they support our business.


We currently use Green Power from Origin Power and further to that we use low voltage lighting and when not in use computers, printers and other electrical equipment are turned off at the power point.

All excess boxes, box inserts and other cardboard is stored and taken regularly to the recycle depot.

Corporate delivery services

FruitAddicts re-use fruit boxes for delivery purposes and are happy to pick up and reuse again to give boxes a second or third life, what’s not used for delivery is stored and taken to the recycle depot.

FruitAddicts run a fuel efficient fleet of vans. Our delivery routes are meticulously planned to ensure that route timing and mileage is minimised.

Minimising paper printout from FruitAddicts. This includes sending out our monthly invoices electronically to our clients in PDF format.

All paper bags and A4 paper are made from recycled paper and our plastic carry bags bio-degradable.

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