Workplace Fresh Fruit Supply Specialist
Phone: 1300 438 378

Fresh seasonal fruit delivered to your Melbourne office
or workplace by your local fruiterer

FruitAddicts have built up a relationship with growers and agents over the past 25 years to ensure only the best pieces of premium quality fruit are delivered to corporate clients. Due to our central location in the CBD, all fruit travels the minimum distance possible resulting in the freshest product available. We also re-use produce boxes and insist on low food miles. That’s why we are the REAL local fruiterer!

We supply only the best fruit for our customers. All orders are packaged in the morning before delivery, which means your fruit is as fresh as it can possibly be. We guarantee that your fruit box delivery will look identical in freshness and quality to the photos displayed on our website and brochures. Check out our huge list of testimonials – we’ve supplied fruit to Melbournians for over 25 years, and take great pride in what we do.

A healthy workplace is a productive workplace

Are your employees filling up on the cake from yesterday’s party or the plate of muffins delivered this morning? Beat the 3pm snooze at the desk – load up on delicious seasonal fruit for as low as $24 per box! Call us today!

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